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Training 9-1-1 Heroes Testimonials

“The site is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate through. Every class I’ve taken has been extremely informative and I like the little quiz between chapters.”

Elisha Magar

“This site has been a Godsend for my agency. The bundles are extremely affordable and the classes are informative. The site is easy to navigate. Training is so important for dispatchers, and there is not a lot out there that is geared specifically for dispatch so I am grateful for a training site that is made by a dispatcher for dispatchers. ”

Christine Trogden

“I have taken Tina's classes in person and on line for the last 10 years. Being able to save the cost of travel, hotels, over time, etc., is a huge benefit for our small agency. Receiving training that you can actually apply, given by someone who is still doing this job, is amazing. ”

April Culley
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