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Training 9-1-1 Heroes Testimonials

“The site is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate through. Every class I’ve taken has been extremely informative and I like the little quiz between chapters.”

Elisha Magar

“This site has been a Godsend for my agency. The bundles are extremely affordable and the classes are informative. The site is easy to navigate. Training is so important for dispatchers, and there is not a lot out there that is geared specifically for dispatch so I am grateful for a training site that is made by a dispatcher for dispatchers. ”

Christine Trogden

“I have taken Tina's classes in person and on line for the last 10 years. Being able to save the cost of travel, hotels, over time, etc., is a huge benefit for our small agency. Receiving training that you can actually apply, given by someone who is still doing this job, is amazing. You can tell when an instructor has been off the console for years, and their content is outdated or not keeping up with the constant changes our agencies face. One of the things I appreciate the most is Tina being available by email for any questions, and she can speak from actual experience while keeping the differences of each agency in mind. It's rare to find someone with the knowledge of City vs County and large vs small agency operations. The way she understands the dispatcher's role as well as having a healthy, sarcastic sense of humor, makes her a great resource for times we need to communicate with finger puppets and crayons! Thank you Tina!”

April Culley