Who helps 9-1-1 when they have an emergency?

To be eligible for posting, the fundraiser must directly help an Emergency Communications Professional or their household. Fundraisers can be for property loss, medical expenses, or funeral expenses. Fundraisers will be posted for 1 month.

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Greenville, NC PD


Brad Cayton dedicated his life to helping others. He left such an impact on his community, and everyone he came in contact with. Serving more than 20 years as a dispatcher, and solving many crimes.

Texas A&M Commerce Dispatcher


Jennifer Hayes and her husband had an early (not so pleasant) wake-up call about 5 AM on 6/9/2021. Their house caught fire and is a total loss. Everyone made it out safely, but there are many financial burdens as a result.

Hartford 9-1-1 Dispatcher


Shawn Saylor, an amazing father, son, and husband was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease 5 years ago. Shawn has experienced multiple complications recently.

Tulare PD Dispatcher

Medical Expenses

Christina Cortinas wasn't feeling well and thought maybe she had caught Covid. However, it was determined she suffered a stroke.

25-Year 9-1-1 Dispatcher/Trainer

Medical Expenses

Geoff Weiss experienced a significant medical event which has resulted in him being hospitalized. Doctors are still unsure about what is causing his stroke-like symptoms but what is known is that his road to recovery is anticipated to be long and difficult.