Who helps 9-1-1 when they have an emergency?

To be eligible for posting, the fundraiser must directly help an Emergency Communications Professional or their household. Fundraisers can be for property loss, medical expenses, or funeral expenses. Fundraisers will be posted for 1 month.

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Family of Phoenix Dispatcher


Pamela Cooper's story gained national attention, when it was brought to light she was working a long shift after just returning to work after having COVID. Despite not feeling well, she stayed at work, only to be hospitalized and put on life support the next day. Sadly, she passed shortly after.

Douglas County 9-1-1 Dispatcher


Kristin, has recently been diagnosed with cancer. The treatment is going to be pretty aggressive and will require lots of time off as well as all the medical treatment. Kristin has been a 911 dispatcher for almost 20 years. She is very dedicated to her job and loves her guys and gals that she dispatches for!

Family of Ohio State Patrol Dispatcher


Beloved Canfield community member and Ohio State Highway Patrol Dispatcher, T.J. He passed away unexpectedly on 3/17/2021 while on duty as a result of a medical emergency. He served as a dispatcher for the Ohio State Highway Patrol for the past 13 years.

Plano PD Dispacher

Medical Expenses

On January 2nd, April was driving home and experienced a bout of extreme pain that nearly caused her to passed out . A visit to the emergency room revealed that she has late-stage metastatic cancer. Doctors suspect that April has Ovarian Cancer.

Candice Culbertson

House Fire

Candice is a Joplin, Missouri dispatcher. Candice was walking her dogs when dispatch called to ask her address. They told her they thought her house was on fire. She rushed home to find flames pouring from her house. Thankfully, nobody was injured, but most of her possessions were lost.

Plano PD Dispatcher

Medical Expenses

Jenelle was recently diagnosed with aggressive Stage 3 breast cancer in November 2020. In the upcoming weeks and months, Jenelle will need your help to cover the mounting medical costs associated with her treatment.

Alicia Napier


Alicia lost her home to a fire on Monday afternoon Feb. 1st. She & her son lost everything they had in the fire. Alicia is a hard working mother who has served her community as an E911 Operator for over 24 years.