Brandi Jenkins

St. Clair County, AL

Brandi's caller stated she was 8 months pregnant and in active labor and she was in a vehicle on the interstate. Brandi started EMD. The contractions were 3 minutes apart. Brandi had the caller put the phone on speaker in the car, as the mom panicked, not wanting to have a baby in the car. The first arriving unit onscene was an officer, and within minutes, a healthy baby boy was born!

Jenny Peoples

Sarpy County, NE

Jenny had an extra special delivery on 9-1-1, she helped give birth instructions for a lifelong friend.

Rachel Carlson

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Rachel gave birth instructions and kept a dad calm as she walked him through delivering his new baby boy!

Keri Michaels

Union County, NC

Keri helped an expecting mom deliver her own baby!