Congratulations! It's a ...

Congratulations Falyn Benavidez with Quay County SO, NM! Read more here!
Congratulations Deana Koyl with Richmond, CA Communications! Read more here!
  Congratulations Allison Archer with Seneca County, NY! Read more here! 
Congratulations Jennifer Creighton with Franklin County, VA!
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Congratulations Lauren Heafy with Litchfield County, CT!
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  Congratulations Jennifer Clifton with St. Clair County Communications, AL. Jennifer walked a caller through his son's birth. When she didn't hear the baby cry, she gave instructions to clear the baby's airway. The baby started crying!
  Congrats Brandon Fazzino with Guilford, CT!
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  Congrats Edward Seeley with Douglas County Communications, NV!
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Congrats Jason Upshaw with Alachua County Sheriff's Office, FL!
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