Sergeant Tammy Phillips

Geauga County Sheriff’s Office, OH

Sgt. Phillips helped a dad deliver his daughter at home! This was the second baby the family had at home due to a quick labor!

J. Hernandez & C. Fritz

Covington-Newton County 9-1-1, GA

Communications Officer Hernandez received the initial 9-1-1 call, and Communications Officer Fritz provided pre-arrival instructions for a new baby boy!

Brett MacMillan

Ontario County 9-1-1, NY

Brett gave a dad instructions to help bring his first daughter, after three boys, into the world.

Alescia Maxwell

Akron, OH

Alescia helped deliver a baby boy!

Vicki Herrmann

Washington County SO, MN

Vicki had to act quickly when her caller told her he just delivered his new baby on the side of the highway.

Gerard Lewis

Orange County, NY

Gerard helped a dad deliver his new daughter while trying to get to the hospital. The cord was tied around the baby's neck and Gerard calmly gave instructions to ensure a safe birth.

Olga Taylor

Village of Lake Zurich PD

Olga gave instructions to new parents who gave birth at home. She walked them through all the steps of a successful delivery.

Emily Gallardo

Pueblo PD, CO

Emily helped a dad birth his new baby boy. She had to give instructions to ensure the baby arrived safely, as the cord was wrapped around his neck.