David took a call from the parent's of a missing child, the call escalated when the child was found unconscious in a snow bank. Read more here!
Lisa gave CPR instructions, helping save a newborn baby. Read more here!
Raven helped de-escalate a suicidal caller, allowing them to get the help needed! Read more here!
Joanna gave CPR instructions which helped save a life! Read more here!
Telecommunicators Skjoldager and Palo gave CPR instructions, resulting in a life saved! Read more here!
Saratoga County SO Communications members were recognized for jumping to action, to save the life of one of their own! Read more here!
Kimberly went above and beyond to help a family after they suffered a tremendous tragedy. Read more here!

Chris gave the caller instructions which helped save an accident victim's life! Read more here!
Matt used quick thinking and his resources to guide a lost couple out of the forest! Read more here!
James helped a 5-year old save her mom's life! Read more here!
Allison gave instructions for a baby birth and then provided CPR instructions, saving the infant! Read more here!
Meghan gave CPR instructions to a mom, and helped her save her daughter! Read more here! 
Justin & Renee worked together to save a child's life! Read the story here!