Kimberly went above and beyond to help a family after they suffered a tremendous tragedy. Read more here!

Chris gave the caller instructions which helped save an accident victim's life! Read more here!
Matt used quick thinking and his resources to guide a lost couple out of the forest! Read more here!
James helped a 5-year old save her mom's life! Read more here!
Allison gave instructions for a baby birth and then provided CPR instructions, saving the infant! Read more here!
Meghan gave CPR instructions to a mom, and helped her save her daughter! Read more here! 
Justin & Renee worked together to save a child's life! Read the story here!
Olivia calmly gave CPR instructions to a mom, helping to save a 16-year old.
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Valencia and coworkers used personal funds to help a resident in need.
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Tasharnda helped to stop an accident victim, attempting CPR.
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Katie and Heather guided the caller to a safe location. They are credited with helping save a child's life.
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Bailey kept a caller,  with a "run-away" car, calm until help arrived.
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Quantisha provided life-saving measures, and is credited with helping save a life, off-duty!
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Becky jumped to action providing CPR, ultimately saving a woman's life, off-duty!
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