Spring Weather Emergencies

Course Goal

This course will discuss typical spring weather emergenices associated with thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms have the potential to become severe with little to no warning. There are many threats that accompany thunderstorms.

Severe thunderstorms greatly impact the call volume at a PSAP. 


Thousands of people are injured each year, and dozens are killed each year due to violent thunderstorms. No states are immune to a thunderstorm.  

This course will cover the makeup of a thunderstorm, tornadoes, damaging winds, flash floods, lightning, and hail. 


Course Documentation

  • Online Course Acknowledgement
  • Expectations for Online Students
  • Learning Objectives
  • Quizzes and Final Exam
  • Spring Weather Emergencies Worksheet


  • Introduction.pdf
  • Warning, Watch, Advisory, Outlook
  • Knowledge Checkpoint



  • Thunderstorms.pdf
  • Types of Clouds
  • Video Transcript: How do Thunderstorms Form
  • How Do Thunderstorms Form?
  • Knowledge Checkpoint



  • Tornadoes.pdf
  • Video Transcript: 911 Dispatch Calls from May 20
  • 911 Dispatch calls from May 20th
  • Knowledge Checkpoint

Damaging Winds


  • Damaging Wind.pdf
  • Video Transcript: Tornado v Straight Line Winds
  • Tornado v Straight Line Winds
  • Amarillo Wind Storm Call Statistics

Flash Floods


  • Flash Floods.pdf
  • The Dangers of Flash Flooding
  • Dashcam Texas school bus swept away by floodwaters
  • Knowledge Checkpoint



  • Lightning.pdf
  • Video Transcript: How Does Lightning Work?
  • How Does Lightning work?
  • Knowledge Check



  • Hail
  • Video Transcript: Hail
  • What is Hail?
  • Knowledge Checkpoint


  • Conclusion.pdf

Final Exam

  • Spring Weather Emergencies - Final Exam

Course Evaluation

  • Course Evaluation

About Your Instructor

Tina L.  Chaffin

Tina L. Chaffin

9-1-1 Training Specialist

I have over 22 years of experience as a 9-1-1 Telecommunicator/Trainer. I have experience in PSAPs large and small. I currently work part-time in a PSAP to retain my skills and industry knowledge.

I am passionate about training and public education. 

I currently hold the following certifications NENA ENP, APCO RPL, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Master Telecommunicator and Advanced Instructor, Texas Department of Public Safety TCIC/TLETS Instructor, and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Instructor.



Learning Objectives

Recognize types of thunderstorms.

Differentiate between tornadoes and damaging winds.

Explain the dangers of flash floods.

Relate statistics related to lightning.

Determine how hail is formed.

Relate proper instructions for callers during thunderstorms.