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    1. Course Information

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. Suicide by Cop Worksheet

    1. Introduction

    2. Suicide by Cop Note

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Statistics

    2. Activity: Suicide by Cop Statistics

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Indicators

    2. Activity: Suicide by Cop Indicators

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Types

    2. Video: Man Attempts Suicide by Cop **Graphic Content**

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Call Processing

    2. Activity: Call Scenario

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, the student will be able to:

  • Explain suicide by cop.

  • Relate statistics regarding suicide by cop.

  • Discuss indicators of suicide by cop.

  • Differentiate between planned and spontaneous incidents of suicide by cop.

  • Distinguish the different types of suicide by cop.

  • Explain the ECP’s responsibilities in a suicide by cop incident.