Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Recognize behaviors related to mental illness.

  • List statistics related to mental illness.

  • Explain four basic types of mental illness.

  • Discuss the warning signs of mental illness.

  • Discuss questions for callers reporting a person with mental illness.

  • Discuss questions and instructions for mentally ill callers.

Course Content

    1. Course Information

    2. TCOLE Credit

    3. Learning Objectives

    4. Mental Illness Worksheet

    1. Introduction

    2. Video Transcript: Mother Devastated

    3. Video: Mother Devastated

    4. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Statistics

    2. Video: Mental Health Statistics in America (US) (Statistics, Facts, and Data)

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Types of Mental Illness

    2. Video: Schizophrenia Simulation

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Warning Signs

    2. Video Transcript: Identifying Symptoms of Mental Illness

    3. Video: Identifying Symptoms of Mental Illness

    4. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Calls Regarding Mental Illness

    2. News Story: Austin Harrouff

    3. Video Transcript: Mother Calls 9-1-1

    4. Video: Mother Calls 9-1-1

    5. Knowledge Checkpoint

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