Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, the student will be able to:

  • Define excited delirium.

  • List possible causes of excited delirium.

  • Explain the signs and symptoms of excited delirium.

  • Recognize the stages of excited delirium.

  • Discuss call taking techniques for calls related to excited delirium.

  • List ways to ensure responder safety when dealing with persons with excited delirium.

Course Content

    1. Course Information

    2. TCOLE Credit

    3. Learning Objectives

    4. Excited Delirium Worksheet

    1. Introduction

    2. Police Help Man Suffering from Excited Delirium

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Definitions

    2. What Is Excited Delirium And What Role Can It Play In Arrest Deaths

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Signs and Symptoms

    2. Medical Expert Explains Excited Delirium Diagnosis

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Stages

    2. Coroners Report Calls In-Custody Death Excited Delirium

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Calls

    2. Video Warning

    3. Excited Delirium

    4. Knowledge Checkpoint

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