Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, the student will be able to:

  • Define bullying.

  • Explain the workplace bullying continuum.

  • Differentiate the eight different types of bullies in the ECC.

  • Explain bullying behaviors found in the ECC.

  • List the types of bullying perpetrated by a supervisor.

  • Discuss the steps to creating an anti-bullying policy.

Course Content

    1. Course Information

    2. Bullying in the ECC Learning Objectives

    3. Bullying in the ECC Worksheet

    1. Introduction

    2. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Workplace Bullying Continuum

    2. Label the Workplace Bullying Continuum

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Types of Bullies

    2. Types of Bullies

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Bullying Behaviors

    2. Bullying Scenario Quiz

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

    1. Supervisors as Bullies

    2. Bullying Self-Assessment Manager Version (created by mediapartners.com)

    3. Knowledge Checkpoint

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