Training 9-1-1 Heroes is not a contract training provider with TCOLE, and as such, is unable to report training hours to TCOLE. Agencies wishing to report hours to TCOLE must follow TCOLE rules. 

Training 9-1-1 Heroes accepts no responsibility for courses reported to TCOLE in which the reporting agency did not follow proper procedures. 

Training 9-1-1 Heroes will provide any required documentation at an agency's request, and will allow an administrator access to the site for screening purposes. Agency training coordinators/administrators wishing to submit training from this site must submit (at minimum) the following:

Outside Training Checklist (TCOLE Rule 218.1)

*Course Outline: Students can download from course curriculum.

*Completion Certificate: Students will have access to course certificates. 

TCOLE recently released the following information regarding online training in their March 2018 Briefing.

The “Distance Education Manual” is available under Publications on the TCOLE website. It clearly states that the Commission has developed specific guidelines for distance learning. These guidelines apply to all distance learning methods and providers, with or without a TCOLE contract training provider provision. 

Contract training providers who report training delivered by distance learning must have the distance learning stipulation in their contract or obtain an addendum to their previously approved contract. 

Law Enforcement agencies WITHOUT a training provider contract may conduct distance learning training for “in-house” licensees only. Said training may be submitted for credit only after being properly screened, documented and approved by that agency’s Chief administrator. 

The bottom line is that all distance learning must meet current TCOLE standards. 

So, to recap: “Distance Learning” is the broad term for all instructional methods outside of traditional classroom, instructor-led, or “face-to-face” courses. All agencies and individuals must comply with the rules and reporting standards to report or receive legitimately approved training credit through TCLEDDS. Agencies and organizations holding a TCOLE Training Provider Contract, both academies and regular contract training providers, must ensure a currently approved online addendum is in place before submitting any type of distance learning instruction for training credit.