Interested in an onsite class? Courses are available for:

Texas Basic Telecommunicator Licensing Course (1 week)

TCIC/TLETS Mobile, Less Than Full Access, Full Access Courses

Basic TCOLE Instructor Course (1 week)

Advanced TCOLE Instructor Course (1 week)

Crisis Communications (3-day course)

Communications Training Officer (3-day Course)

Active Assailant for Telecommunicators

Advanced Active Assailant for Telecommunicators

Texas Criminal Law for Telecommunicators (3-day Course)

Cultural Diversity

Dealing with Difficult People

Domestic Violence and Stalking


Basic Fire Communications

Keeping it Positive in Dispatch

Let's Talk Liability

A Time to Act: Missing Children (NCMEC)

Stress Management

Suicidal Callers

There's No Such Thing as Routine (Line of Duty Deaths)

Mentally Ill Callers

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