Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

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Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

Course Goal

This course will explain Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and the hazards they present to responders.

Many members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs are involved in violent crimes. Competing gangs may become violent against each other, posing a hazard to responders and bystanders. 



This course will review the types of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, discuss the "Big 4" as defined by the FBI, list the crimes associated with Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, and discuss ways to ensure officer safety when dealing with a member of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.


Course Documentation

  • Online Course Acknowledgement
  • Expectations for Online Students
  • Learning Objectives
  • Audio/Videos
  • Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Worksheet



  • Motorcycle Gangs Introduction.pdf
  • Video Transcript: Texas Biker Brawl Leaves 9 Dead
  • Texas Biker Gang Brawl Leaves 9 Dead
  • Knowledge Checkpoint

Definition and Stats


  • Motorcycle Gangs Definition and Stats.pdf
  • Video Transcript: The History and Violence of American Motorcycle Gangs
  • The History and Violence of American Motorcycle Gangs
  • The history and violence of American motorcycle gangs
  • Knowledge Checkpoint



  • Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.pdf
  • 10 Notorious Biker Gangs
  • Knowledge Checkpoint

OMG Structure


  • Motorcycle Gangs Structure.pdf
  • Video Transcript What Does it Take to be a Hells Angel
  • Outlaw Chronicles Hells Angels What Does It Take to Be a Hells Angel History
  • Knowledge Checkpoint

OMG Crimes


  • Motorcycle Gangs Crimes.pdf
  • Video Transcript: Reputed Head of Pagans Motorcycle Gang Faces 200 counts
  • Reputed head of Pagans motorcycle gang faces 200 counts
  • Knowledge Checkpoint

OMGs and Police


  • Motorcycle Gangs and Police.pdf
  • Video Transcript Police Hunting Biker Gang
  • Police hunting biker gang members after officers shot at - Daily Mail
  • Knowledge Checkpoint



  • Motorcycle Gangs Conclusion.pdf
  • Outlaws challenging ‘motorcycle clubs throughout Florida c
  • Knowledge Checkpoint

Final Exam

  • Final Exam

Course Evaluation

  • Course Evaluation

About Your Instructor

Tina L.  Chaffin

Tina L. Chaffin

9-1-1 Training Specialist

I have over 22 years of experience as a 9-1-1 Telecommunicator/Trainer. I have experience in PSAPs large and small. I currently work part-time in a PSAP to retain my skills and industry knowledge.

I am passionate about training and public education. 

I currently hold the following certifications NENA ENP, APCO RPL, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Master Telecommunicator and Advanced Instructor, Texas Department of Public Safety TCIC/TLETS Instructor, and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Instructor.



Learning Objectives

Define and explain Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

Recognize the "Big 4" Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

List types of crimes associated with Outlaw Motorcycle gangs.

Explain the structure of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

Discuss the hazards Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs pose to police.

Recognize ways to ensure officer safety when dealing with Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.