Mass Casaulty Incidents

This course will discuss the implications of a mass casualty incident, cover basic terminology, and types of mass casualty incidents. The course will discuss incident command, processing calls, and the hazards of a mass casualty incident.

Missing Children

This course will discuss the important role of a TC when a child goes missing. The course will discuss types of missing children, laws regarding missing children, processing calls, making entries, and issuing AMBER alerts for missing children.


This course will discuss wildfires. The course will discuss types, causes, fire tornadoes, recent wildfires, weather warnings related to wildfires, and how to process calls related to wildfires.

Barricaded Persons

This course will discuss barricaded person incidents. It will cover statistics, planned vs unplanned incidents, incidents with hostages, active listening skills, and questions and instructions for calls related to barricaded persons.

Bombs and Explosive Devices

This course will discuss calls related to bombs and explosive devices, including suspicious packages, found devices, and bomb threats. The course will cover the recent Austin, Texas bombings.

Train Accidents

This course will common accidents involving trains, the hazards related to train accidents, and the procedures for handling a call involving a train accident.